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Marijuana Vending Machines Open For Business

In the middle of January I don’t really understand why on earth I choose to live in New York. The temperatures are frigid, the sky is gray, and apartments are anything but well insulated. Today I have found yet another reason to pick up and move 2,000 miles across the country to where the climate is temperate and the sunshine abundant.

In LA you can now buy your medical marijuana (choice of 5 different strains) from a vending machine with your doctor’s prescription. These machines aren’t quite out on the street with Pepsi or Coca-Cola since you have to be fingerprinted and they’re watched over by security guards, but you’ve gotta admit, it’s still pretty sweet.

Now if only medical marijuana were legalized in New York it might cure those winter blues and make these unbearably dark and cold months pass a bit quicker.

Read more about it at Thrillist.

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