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Pleasure Puff

I love how the cloud here doesn’t look like it’s touching my lips.  Very snake-like, if you will.  Sassy.

girl smoking from a bong

Lately I haven’t been smoking out of my bong much and I’m thinking of using it as a vase.  How’s that for multitasking? 🙂

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This Is My Wonderland

my wonderland

What’s yours?

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From the Top Down

A sexy, stripped down version of my lovely lady. Starting with the mouth.

Bong Mouth

Click on the image for large version.

She’s got them nice curves.

Top View

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Gorgeous from the side.

Sexy Bong Portrait

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Get in real close.

Glass Slider

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Take a deep breath and a step back.

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The colors aren’t properly reflected in this light, but the thing photographs so nice regardless.

On another note, I’m headed to Amsterdam this Friday. On my own for 9 days. In Amsterdam. Should be very interesting.

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Life is Good

bong hit

Click on the image for large version.

First hits from my new bong. This thing just makes me smile. And to think I’m going to Amsterdam in a month seems pretty unreal. I’ll be there for 10 days – by myself. I’ll be spending lots of time with the camera, lots of time smoking ungodly amounts of weed, and lots of time seeing a city that I could potentially live in. (The trip originated as a means to go check out potential grad schools.)

Anyway, I got this lovely lady at a head shop called the Village II that’s located right off the main drag of St. Marks Place on 2nd Ave. It doesn’t look like they have a website, but they have a great selection. I didn’t do any research before purchasing (unless you count the years spent smoking out of a variety of pieces), but I’ve been to a few shops in the village and this seemed to have the highest quality pieces that I’ve found as of yet.

However, the best selection is located across the pond. Can’t wait to see what I find over there.

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A Very Belated Birthday Present

About a month and a half ago I was supposed to get 2 bongs for my birthday. One of them finally showed up today as a surprise shopping trip with my cousin. This was the result of that little extravaganza.

Click on the image for large version. 

I’m amazed at how well it photographs – and hits 😀 It’s so pretty. I think I’m in love ❤

More later when I’m not so high 🙂

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