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I recently moved to Portland, Oregon.  One of the many reasons I switched coasts was the word ‘medical’ in combination with ‘marijuana.’

Unrelated: a Freudian mistake made on a friend’s passport:

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Happy 420 and My Interview with The Brooklyn Ink

This morning I got an email announcing that it is in fact National Weed Day.  No duh, right?  Well the sender also happened to like my POTographs and asked if I’d be willing to do an interview.  I guess the cat’s out of the bag now and my name will forever be associated on the interweb with smoking weed.  Read about my thoughts on 420 over at The Brooklyn Ink.

And Happy 420 tokers!!  Hope you’re having a happy day!

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#1 Candidate for Medical Marijuana

#1 Candidate for Medical Marijuana

I’ve been meaning to write a post for a while about my good friend from high school, Tara. A couple of years ago she was diagnosed with Chron’s disease. Since then she has been in and out of hospitals being diagnosed, misdiagnosed, and worst of all, not diagnosed at all. All through this, she has been in a whole lot of pain and discomfort while trying to remain – and doing a damn good job – happy and unfazed.

My circle of girlfriends from high school have become huge advocates for the cause by running marathons, half-marathons, triathlons, and even taking full-time jobs at Team in Training. (In fact, this photograph was taken about a year ago in Albany, NY at a Team in Training event to raise money for a couple of my friends running the San Diego marathon.)

However, as wonderful as all of my friends are in helping to raise money for research for Chron’s, this does directly relieve the pain that Tara is in. This is an excerpt from an email she sent to all of us a few weeks ago:

I am all hooked up with wireless at the hospital now, so I will keep you updated with some emails. Maybe I will make a webpage and blog about it or something. Oh the things you can do with all your free time as you’re hooked up to an IV pumping white liquid food into your body. The rest of this may be too much for some to handle, but I love talking about my colon, so consider yourself warned.

There are not many medicines available for Crohn’s. I have had almost all of them, one of which I had a severe reaction to. The next downside is that of the medicines that are left generally work for a brief period of time until it all begins again. For a normal person, I am sure you are thinking, “Well, do it and deal with it when it comes again,” but I have really begun to question the quality of life issue.

You see, before this I had not been feeling well for a few weeks, went to the ER in Albany and Watertown and was sent home. Mind you, I had a severe UTI at the ER in Watertown, which my surgeron saw when she looked at my labs from SMC, and the doctor failed to even mention that, so I suggest not really going there.

I had a day between the ER in Watertown and coming to Cuse, and it was a day from hell. I was in the bathroom just about once per hour, got no sleep, and was in immense pain because of the Crohn’s on the outside of my little bum bum. I was jumping in the tub to soothe it after every bathroom trip, needless to say I think I owe Pete’s parents (her boyfriend) some cash flow for their next water bill.

As of right now, I am not running to the bathroom nearly as much, but there has been an increase in blood which is no good. So now we sit, we wait, we hope that the meds kick in and heal my rectum, but if not, that’s ok, too. It will be weird, hard, frustrating, difficult, etc. if I have to have a bag, but I have also looked a lot online about young people saying they were glad they did it, they wouldn’t change it, so I know I could definitely rock one.

Gotta think happy thoughts, “sunshine and butterflies” I believe is the saying. So I will keep you all posted as to what happens tomorrow. Hopefully we will have some more answers as I hate having it all in limbo not knowing what will happen.

This is coming from a 22 year old girl. If it were me, I would be much more cynical, angry, and sarcastic. What is dumbfounding to me in all of this, is that she has no access to a decent pain reliever. Obviously pot isn’t a cure, but to take her out of literally having a pain in the ass is enough of a reason to smoke her up. So come on, New York! Legalize it already.

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Marijuana Vending Machines Open For Business

In the middle of January I don’t really understand why on earth I choose to live in New York. The temperatures are frigid, the sky is gray, and apartments are anything but well insulated. Today I have found yet another reason to pick up and move 2,000 miles across the country to where the climate is temperate and the sunshine abundant.

In LA you can now buy your medical marijuana (choice of 5 different strains) from a vending machine with your doctor’s prescription. These machines aren’t quite out on the street with Pepsi or Coca-Cola since you have to be fingerprinted and they’re watched over by security guards, but you’ve gotta admit, it’s still pretty sweet.

Now if only medical marijuana were legalized in New York it might cure those winter blues and make these unbearably dark and cold months pass a bit quicker.

Read more about it at Thrillist.

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Above The Influence

As I’m sitting here watching TV, which happens on rare occasion, a commercial comes on about a boy and his guitar, and another boy and his car. It shows that these are their prided objects with some nice elevator music in the background. Then it shows the one boy put his guitar onto the grill and watch it burn, whilst the other boy douses his car in gasoline and lights it on fire. Then a voice over proceeds to explain that marijuana is what caused the destruction in each of these scenarios.

I understand they’re trying to tell us that pot makes us throw our lives away. In a sense, you do get a lot lazier when you smoke, but you smoke to relax and do it when you’re relaxing. Am I wrong? It’s better than drinking a case of beer, or eating until you pass out, both of which are considered culturally acceptable ways to release stress. And both which produce results that last much longer than a high (pot doesn’t give you a hangover, nor does it make you gain ten pounds… if you can control your munchies).

It just seems silly that the media, government, etc. are still trying to equate marijuana with unnatural, pharmaceutically rendered drugs. It seems to be pretty common knowledge these days that hemp has tons of good things to offer us. It can really only be a matter of time before it’s legal.

At any rate, my response to that commercial was to pick up my bowl and take a big ol’ hit.

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“Smell that smell? It’s the smell of freedom.”

Drew Carey’s short documentary on medical marijuana. Awesome.

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16 Famous People Who Grew Marijuana

This cool list includes the guy who dubbed it “Cannabis sativa” and the fact that George Washington planted hemp at his vineyard at Mt. Vernon. If only our present day leaders would look to their forefathers for inspiration on dealing with the war on drugs. *sigh*

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