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A Jolly Bag of Green

girl holding bag of weed

My roommate snapped this photo one night while we were smoking (obviously), but it’s amusing how good of a photo it actually is because I had just been on a photo shoot as a hand model.  Yes, one of my many talents is holding things to be photographed.  Although I’m not so sure it should be called a ‘talent’ so much as a ‘fortuitous natural element that makes me some bucks from time to time’.

At any rate, I hope your Christmas if filled with much green, gushy goodness and red, blazed out eyes.  Happy Holidays, stoners!  Keep on toking.

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This Is My Wonderland

my wonderland

What’s yours?

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Friday Night

I got the Betty Boop light and unbleached Raw papers in Amsterdam. The papers are actually vegan. Who knew you could have vegan rolling papers? Sweet.

2 joints and a bag of weed

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The postcard is from the Rockers exhibition currently showing at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, which was the former CBGB. Awesome show of Bob Gruen’s photographs from the 60’s and 70’s of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and the Beatles, Blondie, The Ramones, Rolling Stones, and many others.

2 joints

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It had been a long week and I was very ready to smoke these two joints.

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I Booked a Trip To Amsterdam.

Naturally, I had to celebrate with a bit of pot. Click on the images to view larger versions.

Herb.jpg picture by amybabyamy

Bowl-1.jpg picture by amybabyamy

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You Know You’re a Pothead When…

Your best friend who hates her boyfriend for being a pothead, rarely smokes, and doesn’t really want any part in it buys you weed for your birthday. I heart my best friend. And marijuana.

(And yes, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day… Happy Birthday to me!)


Apparently I am more of a stoner than I thought.  After mentioning to my one friend that my cousin/roommate is taking me to buy a bong for my birthday, she got upset because that was what SHE was going to buy for me.  I don’t even expect gifts anymore; I’m 23!  But my friends rock.

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Marijuana Vending Machines Open For Business

In the middle of January I don’t really understand why on earth I choose to live in New York. The temperatures are frigid, the sky is gray, and apartments are anything but well insulated. Today I have found yet another reason to pick up and move 2,000 miles across the country to where the climate is temperate and the sunshine abundant.

In LA you can now buy your medical marijuana (choice of 5 different strains) from a vending machine with your doctor’s prescription. These machines aren’t quite out on the street with Pepsi or Coca-Cola since you have to be fingerprinted and they’re watched over by security guards, but you’ve gotta admit, it’s still pretty sweet.

Now if only medical marijuana were legalized in New York it might cure those winter blues and make these unbearably dark and cold months pass a bit quicker.

Read more about it at Thrillist.

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Love Pink

Pink Pot

I bought this little sucker in Union Square a few months ago. It’s good to use as an ashtray or putting your broken up weed in while you’re getting ready to light one up. Plus, it’s pink! The little wire hook is quite convenient since I tend to hang everything up. Lovely little purchase.

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