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I recently moved to Portland, Oregon.  One of the many reasons I switched coasts was the word ‘medical’ in combination with ‘marijuana.’

Unrelated: a Freudian mistake made on a friend’s passport:

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A Jolly Bag of Green

girl holding bag of weed

My roommate snapped this photo one night while we were smoking (obviously), but it’s amusing how good of a photo it actually is because I had just been on a photo shoot as a hand model.  Yes, one of my many talents is holding things to be photographed.  Although I’m not so sure it should be called a ‘talent’ so much as a ‘fortuitous natural element that makes me some bucks from time to time’.

At any rate, I hope your Christmas if filled with much green, gushy goodness and red, blazed out eyes.  Happy Holidays, stoners!  Keep on toking.

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The Definition of My Life

defintion of pothead

Please just go head on over to Urban Dictionary and give this entry a big thumbs up.  Once you realize the glorious qualities of pot, you realize that it absolutely does make life significantly better.  It’s like seeing the world through hazy, rose colored glasses.  It’s just a happy and peaceful place to be.

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You Know You’re a Pothead When…

Your best friend who hates her boyfriend for being a pothead, rarely smokes, and doesn’t really want any part in it buys you weed for your birthday. I heart my best friend. And marijuana.

(And yes, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day… Happy Birthday to me!)


Apparently I am more of a stoner than I thought.  After mentioning to my one friend that my cousin/roommate is taking me to buy a bong for my birthday, she got upset because that was what SHE was going to buy for me.  I don’t even expect gifts anymore; I’m 23!  But my friends rock.

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Saturday Morning and It’s Time To Go

It doesn’t get much better than waking up Saturday morning and having nothing on your agenda except for the nicely packed bowl next to you.


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Yo, Hemphead!

Here’s hoping all parents will someday be so open minded.

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