A Blunt in Coney Island

coney island - wonder wheel

Click the image to view larger.

Yesterday afternoon I called up my dealer and friend to come bring me some of that Pineapple Express and we ended up taking a ride on his bike out to Coney Island with the intentions of smoking a blunt on the Wonder Wheel.  But alas, being the potheads we are, forgot a lighter.  We got off the anticlimactic ferris wheel feeling a bit foolish.  I would’ve at least like to have been scared by the height as I will normally take a roller coaster ride over sitting in that revolving death trap on any given day, but I was not.  The Wonder Wheel is not as tall as it seems.

We found a little smoke shop and a Spanish lady sold us a purple lighter with silhouetted palm trees.  Ironic as there are certainly no palm trees on the city beach that is Coney Island.  A syringe in the sand would’ve been more appropriate.  We found a rock to sit on by the water where it didn’t seem like anyone would bother us.  And no one did.  There were a couple of lifeguards close by, but if they noticed what we were doing, they didn’t care.  And so a late afternoon high was had and we watched the people on the beach and the sun going down behind the pier.

What it felt like were the dog days of summer.  That hot, sultry time of year.  The days when everything seems to slow down a little bit and life seems a little more relaxed and enjoyable.  But, as with the best of everything, they are fleeting and last for a very short time.  Of course, this makes them all the more beautiful.  In any case, better to bask in that hot August sun than worry about the setting of it.


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