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You Know You’re a Pothead When…

Your best friend who hates her boyfriend for being a pothead, rarely smokes, and doesn’t really want any part in it buys you weed for your birthday. I heart my best friend. And marijuana.

(And yes, my birthday is on Valentine’s Day… Happy Birthday to me!)


Apparently I am more of a stoner than I thought.  After mentioning to my one friend that my cousin/roommate is taking me to buy a bong for my birthday, she got upset because that was what SHE was going to buy for me.  I don’t even expect gifts anymore; I’m 23!  But my friends rock.

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Philosophy, Catastrophe?

Those of you that I don’t know of my other posting spots, check out my blog, Loki Listens and my twitter.

It helps if you know where I’m coming from just a little. I often write about philosophy and religion. I consider myself a shaman of sorts, bringing back an old ideal for mankind to reconsider.

What it comes down to is this. I often smoke a joint or a bowl, meditate for a bit, and then begin writing the preliminary notes for what may become a post somewhere later. I know that some ideas are not good at all when sobriety comes around, which is why I throw them into a notebook(TomBoy Notes, actually), and sort through them the next day.

And let’s try for some community involvement again, that was nice. What do you think? Ever used marijuana shamanicly? Do you find your ideas are actually insightful, or, well, just pothead thoughts?

Just a rant. who knows.

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