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As I’m sitting here watching TV, which happens on rare occasion, a commercial comes on about a boy and his guitar, and another boy and his car. It shows that these are their prided objects with some nice elevator music in the background. Then it shows the one boy put his guitar onto the grill and watch it burn, whilst the other boy douses his car in gasoline and lights it on fire. Then a voice over proceeds to explain that marijuana is what caused the destruction in each of these scenarios.

I understand they’re trying to tell us that pot makes us throw our lives away. In a sense, you do get a lot lazier when you smoke, but you smoke to relax and do it when you’re relaxing. Am I wrong? It’s better than drinking a case of beer, or eating until you pass out, both of which are considered culturally acceptable ways to release stress. And both which produce results that last much longer than a high (pot doesn’t give you a hangover, nor does it make you gain ten pounds… if you can control your munchies).

It just seems silly that the media, government, etc. are still trying to equate marijuana with unnatural, pharmaceutically rendered drugs. It seems to be pretty common knowledge these days that hemp has tons of good things to offer us. It can really only be a matter of time before it’s legal.

At any rate, my response to that commercial was to pick up my bowl and take a big ol’ hit.

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  1. 1

    Zee said,

    Mary Jane, you might think that pot relaxes you, but in the long run you WILL get hooked and it will not be enough anymore, then the harder drugs will start and you might not be able to stop. My son started with pot and he is on heroin today!!! Very sad, sad, sad

  2. 2

    MJ said,

    Hmmm, interesting. What are everyone’s thoughts on marijuana as a gateway drug?

  3. 3

    Loki said,

    Interesting. I’ve been smoking pot steadily for 10 years now, and I’ve never even seen heroin. But then again, I have no memory problems, no problems with gangs or crime… Seems like they used to tell me all of those things would happen with every joint I smoked. Oh well, blazin’ one soon.

  4. 4

    Zee said,

    Loki, your comment is very interesting, where do people go wrong? Starting with POT and then the harder stuff, for me as a parent it is very hard to understand. Seeing your child dying before your eyes…..

  5. 5

    PB said,

    For those who susceptible to drug use and addiction, of course they must start somewhere and pot is usually their first experience. Not that pot is the cause, but really just the first symptom. Of course, others can smoke pot and never progress to other drugs. I have known people who have smoked pot almost daily since the 60’s. For some it seems to have had little adverse affect. I know others, however, who definitely went through a personality change. One person I know still lives in the same tiny apartment he occupied in 1968. He lost all drive and motivation. I myself never really liked pot, finding that it accentuated my own depression. I think one’s response depends a lot on their personality. People who are naturally upbeat and optimistic and psychologically healthy will find pot a nice little diversion. Those with problems will find it just accentuates those problems. But I’m sure each person’s experience is somewhat unique.

  6. 6

    Zee said,

    Pb, thanks for that comment, I will certainly return here to hear other views which might just give me more insight to my problem.

  7. 7

    Loki said,

    Very well said, PB. It comes down to choice every time. How do you want marijuana to affect you? It’s great for me after a crappy day at work… Wow, sounds like a beer commercial. Addiction comes from a lot of places. What do you put yourself around? If you hang out with needle junkies who smoke pot, you’ll probably end up doing both. It’s so hard to imagine that it was *your* choice in the end. That choice can be for good or for ill, just like any other choices in our lives.

  8. 8

    MJ said,

    Well said all of you. I’m glad this has inspired discussion. Exactly what I started this blog for.

    Now for my 2 cents. I think that if you have an addictive personality, then you are more likely to fall prey to trying and habituating harder drugs. That being said, I have sometimes felt that I actually have an addictive personality. This is for several reasons which include the fact that my family likes to tell me how alcoholism runs in our family (as they are sloshed off their asses) and that I can see certain things in myself that make me want more, more, MORE of whatever it is that I have.

    The difference is, is that I am aware of this in myself. And to that extent I know to watch myself and my limits (I am a little girl and need to *not* keep up with the big boys – this is another reason I prefer pot over alcohol, you can’t OD or get ‘poisoned’ from it). I have tried coke a few times and have decided that it is a bad, unnecessary drug. I like all things to be natural in my life and pharmaceutically engineered drugs are not part of that kind of lifestyle.

    I rarely have bad highs; I usually become quite creative and philosophical. But I agree with PB that it will accentuate your personality and mood. I know people that don’t like pot because it brings out their insecurities and makes them uneasy.

    Everything I have said thus far has had to do with addictive *personalities*. However, I also think that instability or depression can fuel individuals to find unhealthy outlets, such as a drug addiction. I feel this is especially the case when you are young and questioning everything around you and can’t make sense of the world. I have an old friend that became addicted to heroin and I believe it is because he became so emotionally involved in all of the bad things that happen in the world that he could only find a release in something that would take that pain away.

  9. 9

    Zee said,

    MJ, thanks for the information, I would really like to know what happened to your friend because I think I will not give up on my child and if there is another way than these 28day rehabs I will grab it with 14 hands!

  10. 10

    MJ said,

    Well, I’m not quite sure what was the turning point that made him stop. I know he went to detox twice and rehab once and came out clean. He no longer does any drugs, including alcohol, except for marijuana. He said that pot was the only thing that could’ve helped him come down from that and he still smokes it every day.

    I’m not sure if this really answered your question, but I do hope that maybe this thread has led you to see that pot, in itself, is not necessarily a bad drug. That, at the very least, it shouldn’t be compared to coke, meth, heroin, etc.

  11. 11

    Loki said,

    Well said, MJ. I don’t think any of us will tell you pot is harmless. But I do think that most pot smokers consider pot better for you than cigarettes or beer, both of which are perfectly legal full grown adults. I wouldn’t advocate anyone under 18 doing it, but for consenting adults, it should be an option.

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